How To Tame Your Dragon Part II The Dragons Lair.

1 Jun

When housing Inland Bearded Dragons Pogona vitticeps it is recommended that you buy the largest enclosure possible that will fit into the space that you have set aside.  Don’t be fooled by the size of the babies.  The Inland Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps must have a minimum of a 55 gallon enclosure.  If you can fit a larger enclosure into your apartment then by all means do so as this will allow for further expression of natural behavior.  When I was breeding Inland Bearded Dragons Pogona vitticeps I had a trio of one male and two females in a 6’x4’x3’ enclosure and they used the entire enclosure regularly as it had multiple branches etc. You can now download a Free PDF of this series by clicking here!

Now that I’m keeping a single Inland Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps I keep him in a 55 Gallon enclosure and have had no issues at all.  When it comes to enclosures for Bearded Dragons Pogona sp. you can use various types.  I have seen both horse watering troughs and acrylic enclosures of appropriate size used.  The prices vary depending on how elaborate you want the set-up to be and what is visually pleasing for you.  I consulted on a breeding project where the keeper bought 20 horse watering troughs and then placed these in a bedroom of his two bedroom apartment with all the heating elements etc.  It didn’t look good by any means but they served his purpose.

I stay away from the acrylic molded enclosures as they are easily scratched by an active Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. that may knock over limbs or loose rocks as they roam the enclosure.  Glass reptile/fish enclosures with a sturdy screen lid that can be pinned or locked into place are the best to use.  These are sturdy and can handle the activity and materials used in creating an exceptional Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. enclosure.  Once it is all put together with the rocks, limbs, and the plants you would use if creating a vivarium it will be significantly heavy.  Even for a basic set-up the tank and substrate will be heavy, so you will need a stand with either. Tomorrow come back and read part 3 The Dragons Fire where we cover heating.

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