How To Tame Your Dragon III The Dragons Fire

2 Jun

The Dragons Fire

You can now download a Free PDF of this series by clicking here! Heating a Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. enclosure is a simple enough process once we understand that these Agamid species when in the wild are exposed to serious heat and should have the same experience when in a captive environment.  For whatever reason this seems to be a major hurdle for new keepers of the Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. to comprehend as they have a tendency to become anthropomorphic.  What may seem to us as humans as an uncomfortable temperature is actually needed by Bearded Dragons Pogona sp. This anthropomorphism will lead to health issues if the Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. is not kept at their optimal temperatures.  This can be seen by going to and enter the search term reptile and seeing how many times I answer the questions regarding illness and how many times they relate to heat.

These optimal temperatures can be provided in a variety of ways, but you must be careful not to go overboard on the heat as well.  This is what I term as the “Goldilocks Principle” of reptile heating.  Too little heat and the Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. will not be able to digest its food.  Too hot and it may end up getting burned or staying away completely from the warm side of enclosure again this will lead to issues with digestion etc.

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