How To Tame Your Dragon VIII Feeding the Dragon

7 Jun

You can now download a Free PDF of this series by clicking here! No you cannot feed the neighbors mammals to your dragon no matter how tempting that may be.  Did anyone catch how I said mammals and not cats or dogs?  Just checking; anyway, feeding your Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. should not be a chore.  For whatever reason, this seems to be another one of the major hurdles for most new keepers.  Its easy folks I assure you.  Babies will not eat large greens or large crickets.  They will eat small ones.  They will also eat appropriately sized Meal worms.

An easy way to tell the size of cricket you should be offering is measuring the width of the head and if the cricket is longer than that, it’s too big.  You need to provide a food bowl so that the Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. is not eating directly off the substrate itself.  Hatchlings to about 6 months of age should be fed regular greens finely chopped as well as small crickets.  From around 6 or 8 Months of age they can begin to be fed Meal worms of appropriate size which I refer to as regular or small Meal worms.  The chopping of the vegetables can be a little coarser at this time as well.  At about one year of age I would just give the Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. the mixed greens as they come directly from the box.  Also you can now begin feeding large meal worms.  When I speak of greens I am referring to the prepackaged organic mixed spring greens which you can find at any grocery store.  There is no benefit to actually buying the individual greens and then chopping them separately only to mix them together yourself.

Treats consist of changing the diet up at least once a week by adding blueberries, watermelon, cilantro, or radicchio maybe.  Just something with a different flavor for them; you will quickly discover which ones appeal the most to them and you can safely add this treat once a week to their regular daily fare.

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