How To Tame Your Dragon X Decorating the Lair

9 Jun

You can now download a Free PDF of this series by clicking here! Sand blasted Grapevine that leads from the floor to just below the basking area are the best piece of décor.  They assist in shedding and also give the Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. an area and a reason to climb which is a normal behavior in the wild.  You can also employ slate or flagstones that have been glued together with aquarium silicone and these could create caves and basking areas within the enclosure.  You may choose to go the route of the plastic or molded epoxy type hides from the reptile shop and these are fine as well.  Giving the Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. multiple climbing sites is great as long as you have an enclosure large enough to give them the needed floor space.

I leave 50% of the enclosures floor open for the Bearded Dragon Pogona sp. to roam through without being impeded by décor.  You can also provide a water bowl for babies and juveniles.  Once they hit about a year to 18 months of age I actually just soak the Dragons once a week in the bathtub then bleach it afterwards.

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