Heat “The Goldilocks Principle of Herpetoculture” Part III

13 Jun

Moonlights are another incandescent choice.  These lights also disturb the circadian rhythm due to the fact that reptiles especially nocturnal ones in my experience try to avoid the bright moonlight as this exposes them to a greater predation risk.

Ceramic heating elements while being more costly at the initial outset outlast any other type of overhead heating element.  The incandescent lights typically only last a few months through regular use.  Ceramic heating elements put out no visible light and therefore can be left on 24/7 without concern of disturbing the normal circadian rhythm that all of the planets creatures depend on for a normal psychological life.  I myself have witnessed behavioral and dietary changes once I changed from using the red incandescent lights to the ceramic heating elements.

Mercury vapor and metal halide bulbs are another type of overhead heating source and for reptiles needing UVB they are also capable of producing a significant amount of UVB according to personal studies done by some folks which can be viewed at www.uvguideuk.com.

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