The Ultimate Reptiles for Apartment Living III

19 Jun

To these enclosures I also add two separate hide boxes, one on the cool side and one on the warm side as this will allow the reptile to choose its own comfort level when it comes to temperature.  I always add a piece of sandblasted grapevine which will be able to support the width of the species in question.  This is angled from one corner in the cool side to just under the basking site.  This is so the reptile is able to get warmer if it wants to and also adds some terrain for them to explore.  It also assists in the shedding process giving them a rough surface to rub against to start the shedding process.

Leopard Geckos Eublepharis macularius primarily eat a diet of crickets and meal worms of appropriate size.  Adults

This is what I want for Christmas, just in case anyone's asking.

should be fed every other day and the insects should be dusted with a calcium powder prior to feeding.  Corn SnakesPantherophis guttatusMilk Snakes Lampropeltis triangulum, and Rosy Boas Charina trivirgata; generally start out eating pinkies as babies and move up to full size mice.  You should only feed frozen/thawed rodents as feeding live prey items may injure the snake through struggling.  All snakes must be fed in a separate enclosure as they may associate the opening of their enclosure with being fed and this will lead to an accidental bite.

To further enhance your knowledge of the reptile species there are numerous books and websites dedicated to their captive care and I recommend that you review at least two or more of them prior to the actual purchase of your new reptile pet.

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