Put a Real Beauty in your Tank: Taiwan Beauty Snakes in Captivity Series III

22 Jun

Taiwan Beauty Snakes O. t. friesi are found where the name implies, Taiwan.  Therefore, as keepers we should try to replicate the area they come from.  Most of what I have studied of their natural environment states it as being a forest type region.  While they are primarily seen in forested areas, they also have been found in open woodlands, swamps, suburban areas, and even the rural countryside barns of their native homelands.

Given such a wide range of environments, it may be hard to decide which would be the best substrate.  Personally, I have always gone with the old stand by.  Groundcover bark from a home improvement center,  quite a few consider this dangerous due to ingestion hazards etc, I have personally been using it for years and never once had any issues with mites, ingestion or any disease being introduced to my animals.  It works just as well if not better than the pet store brands and is about half if not more than half the cost of the “reptile” barks.

As with many forest dwelling snakes they are arboreal but will go to ground when hunting.  Their main sources of prey in the wild are rodents.  They have also been known to take birds and their eggs as well.  Hatchlings mainly feed on lizards and tree frogs.  In captivity however, they do not in my experience retain such an exotic diet.  Simply feed the appropriate sized frozen thawed mouse or rat accordingly and they will be happy.

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