Put a Real Beauty in your Tank: Taiwan Beauty Snakes in Captivity Series IV

23 Jun

Taiwan Beauty Snakes O. t. friesi seem to prefer smaller prey items so multiple smaller meals are advised.  In other words instead of feeding 1 medium rat feed 2 small rats instead.  When feeding, I highly advise that you remove the snake from the enclosure and place it into another receptacle of some type.  A trashcan, bucket with a lid anything as long as you are not feeding in the enclosure.  The reasoning behind this is that the snake could soon associate the opening of the enclosure with feeding and you will get a handful of teeth.

Temperatures for this snake are still quite debatable due to such little information about their habitat in the wild; in my personal experience, I have always given the Taiwan Beauty Snakes O. t. friesi I keep a gradient of at least 10 degrees between the cool and warm side.  I usually shoot for a basking spot of about 85 and leave the cooler side at about 75.  Most of the Taiwan Beauty Snakes O. t.  friesi come from the western part of the island which is primarily wet and tropical.  I keep the humidity in my enclosures at about 70% at all times.  Daily misting early in the morning and allowing the enclosure to dry out during the day easily does this.  Presuming most of the snakes purchased today are in fact wild caught snakes it is better to have them examined immediately after purchase by a veterinarian who is qualified to treat herps.

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