Scorpions Don’t Do Comb Overs. Captive Care of the Arizona Hairy Scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis II

7 Jul


Hadrurus arizonensis obtain an adult size of 31/2 to 4” and are a yellow in color almost like darkened hay or straw.  As mentioned earlier they are known by the common name “Hairy” Scorpion for the fine stiff hairs which cover the entire body known technically as setae.  They also have fairly large pedipalps or pincers.  This single attribute tells us something very specific about scorpions in general.  Large pedipalps or pincers on any scorpion means that they have a lower toxicity of venom in the sting when compared to those with smaller pincers.


Hadrurus arizonensis are a considered a docile species that will run from a non-prey item encounter.  However, if cornered and agitated they will sting.  In most cases this results in mild pain and swelling at the site of envenomation.  For further information on venom please follow this link which will lead you to the venom page.

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