Scorpions Don’t Do Comb Overs. Captive Care of the Arizona Hairy Scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis IV

9 Jul

In order to facilitate a natural environment I place a piece of dried ocotillo and a few pieces of slate rock in the enclosure.  The flat slate rocks are supported by another small rock resting on the bottom of the enclosure itself.  This way if the scorpion burrows beneath the slate it will not be crushed by falling rocks.  Alternatively you could use aquarium silicone to “glue” the pieces together.  Make sure you use nothing else other than aquarium silicone as any other type of cement or glue may have toxic properties which will kill the scorpion.

As far heating is concerned we keep our year round at about 75 degrees with an 85 degree basking spot provided through the use of 65 watt Ceramic Heating element so we don’t disturb the normal circadian rhythm of day and night cycles.  If you want you can turn on a black light some times and the scorpion will fluoresce with an eerie bluish glow.  All scorpions do this and science doesn’t as of yet have an explanation for why but it does look cool at night.  I wouldn’t leave it on all the time but using it as a parlor trick so to speak is kind of fun.

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