Scorpions Don’t Do Comb Overs. Captive Care of the Arizona Hairy Scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis V

10 Jul


With all of the scorpions I’ve kept over the years feeding has been an easy process.  Once a week drop in two to three crickets of appropriate size.  Size is determined by the length of the cricket being equal or lesser size when compared to the width of the scorpion.  These are eaten within a day.  I dust the crickets but not out of necessity, I have reptiles being fed at the same time so rather than hassle with removing a few I just dust the lot and feed.  This has shown to have no ill affect on the scorpions.  Mealworms and other insects can be fed as well but crickets are much more plentiful and cheaper.  Arizona Hairy Scorpions Hadrurus arizonensis have been known to gorge themselves and then go off feed for up to six months at a time.

The subject of water is debatable; some think that in the wild scorpions obtain their water from the foods they consume.  While this may be true, I have always offered a shallow dish of water once a week with a hermit crab sponge cut in half so that they may climb upon it and drink.


Once a month move the scorpion to a small container preferably without handling them directly and sift the sand with a wire screen.  Once every few months empty the entire enclosure rinse and wash it with a bleach solution of a capful of bleach to a gallon of water and rinse until the bleach smell is completely gone.

Scorpions are an interesting pet simply for the behaviors they exhibit in a well decorated and designed captive environment.  Not to mention that they are not by any means the “normal” pet people keep.  If you should decide to keep a scorpion this species is one that will offer a lot of enjoyment and are one of the easier, less aggressive species available to the herpetoculturist.  Go out and pick one up for yourself and see how you too can create a desert environment that will bring you many hours of happiness as you watch the scorpion and its natural behaviors.

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