Flat Rock Scorpions Don’t do Schenker Solos Part 1

17 Jul

You’re at your local pet store peering through the glass of the enclosures.  You see the Bearded Dragons Pogona vitticeps, Leopard Geckos Eublepharis macualrius, and Emperor Scorpions Pandinus imperator.  All the usual suspects, but today your looking for something different you’re tired of the same old herps and spiders.  You look into the next enclosure and see a background made to look like a shale cliff face.  Nothing looks to be moving around.  Looking down, you read the tag.  Flat Rock Scorpion Hadogenes troglodyte; wait Troglodytes?  Wasn’t that a creature from a D&D Game?  You stare intensely at the cliff face, and then you see it.  It’s been there all along, but you wouldn’t have noticed had you not read the tag.  It’s one of the strangest looking creatures on earth.

At first glance most people think of the Flat Rock Scorpion Hadogenes troglodytes as a flattened Emperor ScorpionPandinus imperator.  While the Flat Rock Scorpion Hadogenes troglodytes are not as rare as it once was in the industry, it’s still not an everyday species.  Most keepers that have them or people that are importing them will generally recommend them to only advanced keepers, who’ve had experience with keeping other species.  While true, they are a delicate species, there is no reason why someone new to Arachnid keeping would have trouble keeping them at all.  Anyone who is willing to dedicate the time and resources would be a perfect candidate to keep one of these interesting creatures and even potentially breed them.

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