Flat Rock Scorpions Don’t do Schenker Solos Part 2

18 Jul

There are currently 17 species identified in the Hadogenes genus, 2 of these have only recently been classified.  Today we are covering the Hadogenes troglodytes in this article as these are the most commonly available in the trade.  For any species of reptile, amphibian, or insect pet we find it best to offer them the closest possible environment we can resembling their wild environment.  This elicits behaviors that are not seen in what some call the common captive environment which is a sparsely decorated enclosure with a water bowl.  To recreate their natural environment we have compiled a list of included materials.

  • 10 gallon enclosure
  • 65 watt ceramic heater
  • 75 watt rated reflector with ceramic socket
  • 50lb bag of washed play sand
  • 1 bag organic potting soil (pearlite fee)
  • 20 to 25 pieces of slate rock or flagstone
  • Aquarium silicone
  • Shallow water bowl
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