Flat Rock Scorpions Don’t do Schenker Solos Part 5

21 Jul

Another option is to use the same materials but this time, put them together in a horizontal setting and this way you would be able to remove the entire rock piece as one and clean as needed.  This is the best option and it’s definitely easier maintenance.  In a captive environment this is the method we have used and have had success with.  Instead of doweling you can chip off pieces of flagstone or slate and use these to separate the levels of the larger pieces that make up the platforms where the scorpion will rest.  All of the ledges and shelves must be secured to singular large base piece to offer stability.

After the above is glued and allowed to dry for 2 to 3 days its time to place this into the enclosure itself.  Place the network directly onto the floor of the enclosure prior to putting in any substrate as this will prevent any injuries should the scorpion attempt to burrow beneath the shelves.  Pour in the substrate which has been mixed as we instructed earlier and while most of this should be poured onto the bottom there is no reason to brush off all the individual shelves.

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