Flat Rock Scorpions Don’t do Schenker Solos Part 6

22 Jul

Not doing so will give the entire enclosure a natural appearance.  The substrate should be at a depth of 3”-4” in total.  Since this species is not known for burrowing there is no need to provide the pre-dug burrows as we have mentioned in other scorpion articles here on this site.

Lighting per se is not a requirement for any scorpion species or arachnids for that matter.  If you do want to add a light of some type the best way to do so is with an under cabinet fluorescent light fixture.  These can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores.  If you plan on adding live plants to create a vivarium, then I would definitely use a plant grow bulb to simulate natural sunlight for the plants.  I would also use an inexpensive timer to place the light on a regular schedule of daytime that matches the daylight cycle of your area.

As far as heating is concerned I use a 65 watt ceramic heating element.  This is enough to achieve the required 80-85 degree Fahrenheit baking spot required.  Make sure to use a reflector which has a ceramic socket as well.  The other plastic ones have a tendency to melt at high heat levels.  The rest of the enclosure should be maintained at 70-75 Degrees Fahrenheit.

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