Flat Rock Scorpions Don’t do Schenker Solos Part 7

23 Jul

Under Tank Heaters or UTH are not able to heat the thick substrates, so these are useless.  Red and Blue incandescent bulbs can also be used for heat but they don’t last as long as the ceramic heaters do.

Another lighting element that can be used with all scorpion species is a black light.  For whatever reason, black lights cause all scorpions to fluoresce an eerie bluish green color.  Why this happens is still unknown to science.  It does make for a very interesting vivarium look when the scorpion is out and about wandering at night.

Feeding of the Flat Rock Scorpion Hadogenes troglodytes is the same as it is for most other arachnid species.  Feed only 2-3 appropriate size crickets per week.  Babies will eat pinhead size crickets, while adults will consume full grown ones.  Maintenance of the enclosure itself consists of removing fecal material as it is seen.  Monthly dump the entire substrate out and clean the entire enclosure with a bleach and water solution of 1 capful of bleach to 1 gallon of water.  Wash out the enclosure with the solution and then rinse it out repeatedly until you can no longer smell bleach.  Replace the substrate and décor and for a little variety move the basking spot to a new area.

While the Flat Rock Scorpion Hadogenes troglodytes is considered a delicate species it will bring many years of enjoyment to the new and old arachnid keeper who is tired of the same old species in their enclosures and is not as hard to maintain as some may think it is.  Follow the outlined care above and enjoy the species as a new addition to your home.

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