Clutchmates: Those who make this site possible.

27 Jul

Marco began his SEO and Marketing career over 3 years ago with a bout of Monster energy drinks and enough cigarettes to shame the Los Angeles Air Commission.  He became an integral part of in early 2010, when he met John F Taylor through a mutual employer.  It was at this time, that John little did he know, was about to release a monster by speaking to Marco of his intention to create a website regarding living in an apartment while keeping reptiles as pets.  Being impressed, Marco agreed to give some helpful advice to get John started.

Little did he know, that he himself would soon be bouncing down the rabbit hole into a world that up until this point, he was unfamiliar with.  After a months time, Marco quickly became an asset to and John himself.  At this juncture, John offered the position of marketing director/March hare to Marco.  Needless to say, Marco accepted the challenge; the two continue building on their success’s both large and small, intending to educate the public at large not just about living in an apartment setting with reptiles but on a much more grandiose scale of how to care for all species of reptiles, amphibians, and insects within the herpetoculture industry.

Should you need assistance in the realm of SEO and marketing please feel free to contact Marco he is willing to speak with anyone interested and passionate enough to push their companies to the next level.

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