is Podcasting!

27 Oct

Well in the immortal words of a great friend of mine, “It turns out that anyone with a microphone can do a podcast.”  I deleted the expletives that were originally used but you get the point.  We are now podcasting and look forward to bringing you the very best in captive care information every week through podcasts as well as our regular blog posts.  We are going to have interviews with experts in their fields as well as captive care species podcasts which will inform you with the latest information on how to keep our captive reptiles healthy.  So grab your MP3 player of choice and download our show.  We really hope you enjoy the shows as much as we do putting them together.  You can find all the shows here at podomatic let us know what you all think of it by dropping us some comments as well as what you want to know and we will do our very best to bring it to you.

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