Grey Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

6 Jan

Some would describe grey as being a shade rather than a colour and Wikipedia describes grey as being colours ranging from white to black, quite a grey area.  But when grey is added to the beauty of snakes scales and paired with crimsons and blacks it surely comes into a life of its own.

Grey Banded Kingsnakes originate from Northern Mexico and South West Texas where they tend to inhabit rocky areas.  They are not a big snake growing up to 4ft and generally a good snake to be kept as a pet.  Occasionally individuals may be fussy feeders when young as their natural prey item in wild are lizards.  But most will adapt to taking thawed mice.

Peter Quinlan of “Unusual Albino Snakes” in the UK is one of the top UK breeders of Grey Band Kingsnakes and is now leading the way when it comes to Grey Band morphs as well as many other colubrids.  Peter has been working with developing Grey Banded Kingsnake morphs for around 10 years that he originally acquired from a breeder in the US at which point he had the only UK breeding group.  And in 2007 produced the first “SnowBand”.

After a few years of breeding the imported snakes to his own collection the offspring have become a much more vigorous colour and have larger bands than their US equivalents.

For more information on Peter and his snakes please visit his website at

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