USARK • View topic – FWS Files Final Rule/ Constrictor Ban

6 Apr

Boa ConstrictorThe following was released via the USARK website today. For those unaware of what’s going on. This ruling will make owning and transporting certain species of constrictor snakes illegal. That’s the real deal in a nutshell. Now then, the way it reads is that these species will no longer be imported but the facts are if you read deeper into it that the species listed will not only not be able to be imported but they will also not be able to be transported across state lines etc. Besides the fact that the government is taking away a right to own reptiles of our choosing history has shown that it won’t stop there. Do yourself a favor and really read the issues and draw your own conclusions. But please don’t make a knee jerk reaction to something which you may be uninformed on. I think Mark Romansky put it best when he said “Today it’s Pythons, tomorrow it’s Poodles.” For more on this topic you can hear Andrew Wyatt explain what and how USARK is combating this at the Reptile Living Room.  USARK • View topic – FWS Files Final Rule/ Constrictor Ban.

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