Reptile Apartment Group: Here we grow again

1 Jun

The Reptile Apartment Group is shifting gears slightly. This comes from the examination of several things that we have seen which we want to change within the reptile community as a whole. There are many books available on various topics of the reptile industry. They all have their respective pros and cons as it were and well we see more cons than pros when it comes to these books. So what better way to correct these than write a book which takes these elements into account and corrects them?

That being said there are some things that I want to say here so you have a better understanding of where this all came from. When I started this whole blog thing over a year ago now I wanted to write a book about living in an apartment setting with reptiles as pets. As I was laying out the book it became clear that this was the wrong way to go about things as there are just too many species to cover that can be kept in apartment setting to fit into one book.

Some of you may be familiar with the book the completely illustrated Atlas of Reptiles and amphibians for the terrarium. This book is not something which the casual reptile owner would want to add to their collection. It is massive in size and scope of coverage of the reptiles it covers. I realized the Apartment Living and Reptiles would be of similar size and I talked with several people in the industry of how to meet this lofty goal. We considered breaking it down into several books like beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We considered cutting down the species counts that would be covered etc. Inevitably it came down to the simple fact that there was no way to produce the book and keep all the content I wanted to cover in a book that would be easily accessible.

Then I met a colleague and he suggested blogging which is what you’re now reading and the old idea has gotten somewhat lost along the way. This isn’t a bad thing by any means as we are now blogging with a team as well as producing a weekly radio show and a content driven eZine. About six months into the blog and prior to the radio show beginning production someone gave to me a small card which I carry to this day in my wallet. On that card is a small saying which says.

“Behind every success is effort…

Behind every effort is passion…

Behind every passion is someone with the courage to try.”

I took that to heart as I was just then considering starting a radio show. Fast forward about a year and half later. The various projects have taken on a life of their own thanks to the efforts of Tom Williams, Ciara Utech Dr. Robert Sprackland, Gary Rolfe, Jason White, and others they are moving along better than I could have ever hoped for. Yet there’s still something missing for me and it took some time to identify what that actually was. I figured it out folks. I want to write books about reptiles. So thanks to my slave driving muse (you know who you are) I am embarking on a journey over the next six months in which I will produce no less than three quality manuscripts on the captive care of reptiles which will be edited by professionals within the industry and sold via this and other sites.

We will continue to produce the same quality blog, radio show, and eZine that you have come to know the Reptile Apartment Group for but we may be a little quieter on the social networks as it were as we are going to exert most of our effort into producing the very best reptile books that can be produced today. So here’s where you our audience come in. We want to know about you and what’s important to you. So we posted a 10 question survey for you to tell us. By sharing this information with us you can remain secure in the fact that none of your information will be shared with anyone. Also for taking the less than 3 minutes to answer the questions we are giving you 3 issues of Herpetoculture House eZine as a thank you.

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