Essential Field Herping Survival Tip #2

17 Jun


Lightweight, rugged, water proof, snake RESISTANT, but lets face it….hard to dance in and camo is never flattering. Legendary for preventing detection from above and in heavy ground cover, nothing is harder to accessorize.

My choice is anything Merril.. Rugged, elegant, comfortable, affordable and just plain awesome.

Street Walker or Road Herper…..see how quickly the fashion line blurs? Yes they are Louboutin and make a dramatic statement, but be careful. The only thing more embarrassing than getting bitten on a road hunt is showing up in last years shoes. Stick to classics.

If you think it is “cool” to wear leopard print to the Zoo or Circus, I’M TALKING TO YOU! Do not wear snake-skin shoes road herping….it sends the wrong message.

White athletic shoes can be “iffy” depending on the time of the year. We all know you’re not supposed to have a white boyfriend/girlfriend after Labor day, and the same applies to shoes. Also keep in mind There are only 4 things I know to be true.

1) I am going to die.

2) I have to pay taxes.

3) No one listens to me.

4) white shoe polish doesn’t work.

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