Reptile Supershow San Diego 2011

21 Jun

To experience a reptile show in its finest form you need, no that’s not right. You must attend a Reptile SuperShow! It used to be that the show in Florida was the best one to attend. However, as evidenced by the appearances of none other than Tom Crutchfield, Ken Foose, Gary Sipperly, and many other ‘named persons’ whom we owe homage to for starting this industry walking through the doors of the San Diego Concourse the Reptile SuperShow is now the place to be for those who want to be seen and recognized as movers and shakers in the reptile industry.  The Reptile Apartment Group which includes such sites as Herpetoculture House, Reptile Living Room, & of course Reptile Apartment attended the show this past weekend & to say we were stunned at the array of reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids offered for sale would be an understatement. We found many breeders who brought out their latest and greatest projects to be sold to the public at large. In attendance were Steve Sykes of Geckos Etc, Bob Mailloux of Sandfire Dragon Ranch, Bob Applegate of Applegate Reptiles, & many more. One of which were surprised to see was Scott Powely of Powely Exotic Reptiles who literally just returned from a trip abroad. Just look at the stunners that Scott brought to the show!

This of course is only one snake among the hundreds if not thousands that were offered for sale at this past weekends show. If you weren’t into snakes, then there were plenty of amphibians such as the newts that Philippe de Vosjoli brought to the show and offered for sale. With this latest show I am not sure how Ramy did it but it did seem to the team that there may have been more vendors at this show than others we had previously attended. We talked with many of them and they all reported that they were extremely happy with the turn out of the show. When we asked customers who were buying the reptiles they too were extremely pleased with their purchases they were making.

Then of course after the Saturday show was the USARK Auction to save our rights from being taken away by the US Government. While I don’t know the amount of money raised I would say that everyone in attendance had a roaring good time and from what I hear there maybe some photographic evidence of it to prove my thoughts. In case you’re unaware of it, USARK is the organization which is fighting for you to keep reptiles in a captive environment and if your not a member well here’s your chance. Andrew Wyatt and his team of volunteers are out there on the front lines and fighting these reptile and amphibian bans so that we may enjoy keeping our pets and bottom line is…you need to support them.

Now if somehow you missed the Reptile Supershow in San Diego there’s another one coming and you’d do yourself a favor to attend as these shows are after all the largest shows on United States soil!

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