Where is…John F Taylor?

31 Jul

There have been some rumors, murmurs, and ideas expressed about what happened to me among the social networks that I frequent. I decided to break that silence with this post. Not so much to reconnect with the social networks; more to let those who have expressed concern know, I am OK. I have sent out very few emails over the past few weeks, and have had a couple of chats here and there, as people encountered me lurking as it were. I will keep this as succinct as possible.

You I am sure are all familiar with the ploy of getting listeners or audiences to websites by stating they are going to close etc. This is nowhere near that type of plot; our regular audience will know that I promote our projects without abandon and I have not even been doing that. As to the ‘why’ I have been absent it goes something like this. I have been dealing with some things on a personal front as well as developing some projects that I have allowed to fall by the wayside. I am also developing a better reptileapartment.com for our audience. As it is, reptileapartment.com has been growing like crazy and I actually wanted to re-launch on its anniversary date of April 5, 2011. Obviously, that did not happen.

I will not reveal any further information here as there are still many things in the works for the new incarnation of the site as well as the launch of future projects. I can say, with confidence the new incarnation of reptileapartment.com will be more enjoyable for readers as well as much more ‘interactive’ as we are adding features, never available before. There are a few features, which I am not sure I will keep or change. That is where some of our audience members come in. I am going to be looking for beta-testers for the new site prior to its live launch which…is still unknown, as of yet. I was hoping for an August 1st launch, today being the July 31st, and still having yet to test any of the new features etc I would not feel comfortable launching. Therefore, my hiatus from social networks will continue for the time being.

I truly appreciate my colleagues who have had me laughing during this hiatus as I do get updates via email. I cannot express the appreciation that I feel for all of your thoughts and jokes during this time. As some may know launching a site which you can take pride in is no small undertaking. With that said, I want to tip my hat to Tom Williams, Gary Rolfe, Jim Pearce, Ciara Utech,Ricky Melamed, and Jason White. They have all been keeping me laughing, sometimes with tears in my eyes because I was laughing so hard. To them I owe a debt of gratitude. If you would like to share in the laughs, you can find some of the stories of my adventures via Twitter searching such hash tags as #stalkingjohntaylor, #stalkingjohnftaylor, #johnftaylordoesntloveusanymore, and #johnftaylorabandonedus.

I look forward to returning to the social networks and writing again for the various sites where you have become accustomed to reading my articles. I also look forward to the re-launch of the new and improved reptileapartment.com. If you would like to be part of the beta tester process please email me directly at reptileapartment_AT_gmail.com deleting the underscores and replacing the AT with the @ symbol with the subject line of Beta Tests. Thank you so much, for your continued patience, the wait will be worth it.


3 Responses to “Where is…John F Taylor?”

  1. Tom Williams August 1, 2011 at 12:10 am #

    Great to hear from you John. Look forward to your return and seeing the new site.
    Glad we keep you smiling. 🙂

  2. Gary Rolfe August 1, 2011 at 12:52 am #

    See you soon mate!

  3. Jim Pearce August 1, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    He’s here! I Found him!!! #stalkingjohnftaylor

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