Hello, Goodbye, & Hello Again

23 Nov

On April 5th 2010 I launched Reptileapartment.com to begin sharing my knowledge regarding herpetoculture. I chose that date because it is my dad’s birthday. If it wasn’t for him I would have never become interested in nature in the first place. Since that inception there have been a lot of peaks of valleys that I have gone through. I’ve been in the herpetoculture industry for over a decade and I am constantly learning new techniques and discovering new reptiles. 

I have been truly lucky to meet some incredible people within not only this industry but industries I never imagined myself becoming involved in. I have had the opportunity to meet some of my personal icons and people that I look up to and admire. In the last year I have been given the opportunity to broaden my horizons by encountering some people outside of the herpetoculture realm. With these meetings you the audience have spoke out and told me either personally or via email you wanted more of the same. I had every intention of bringing the audience what they wanted but as some of you may know I can be well, somewhat ‘anal’ for lack of a better term when it comes to certain things. I am not the best editor when it comes to writing and I am still learning.

In October of this year I was hospitalized with bacterial meningitis. A few of my close friends knew and were very supportive. Without becoming melodramatic about it. On the 3rd day when I was finally lucid enough to comprehend what was being said the doctor explained if I had not come in when I did I wouldn’t have made it. Those kinds of incidents put a whole new perspective on things. I am still recovering today, I still have some memory loss and bright sunlight hurts my eyes. I am retraining myself on words and things that I should remember. I don’t write this for a play on your sympathy. I like what my dad said about sympathy.

“You know where to find sympathy?”

“No, where?”

“Between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.”

As I said it changed my perspective on things. We recently brought on board a new Project Manager and she has been a huge asset in helping us organize the various aspects of The Reptile Apartment Group and its workings. Details are essential to any project and she is making sure that each project produced will have that attention to detail. (She’s still working on my editing skills and any mistakes in this post are to be squarely blamed on me).

With that said, I am relaunching reptileapartment.com as a new site. I’m keeping the original intent of the site but this growth will bring to light more of the scientific aspects of herpetoculture that you the audience have requested. We will still produce the in depth care articles that you have come to depend on us for; but we are now going to start writing more scientific articles looking into the natural history, physiology, and other aspects that are often ignored by herpetoculture at large. Now we will add the aim of crossing the boundary of herpetoculture and herpetology. With that being said we’re off to put the final touches on the new  site! Stay tuned right here for more.

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