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Reptile Supershow San Diego 2011

21 Jun

To experience a reptile show in its finest form you need, no that’s not right. You must attend a Reptile SuperShow! It used to be that the show in Florida was the best one to attend. However, as evidenced by the appearances of none other than Tom Crutchfield, Ken Foose, Gary Sipperly, and many other ‘named persons’ whom we owe homage to for starting this industry walking through the doors of the San Diego Concourse the Reptile SuperShow is now the place to be for those who want to be seen and recognized as movers and shakers in the reptile industry.   Continue reading


Reptile Apartment Group: Here we grow again

1 Jun

The Reptile Apartment Group is shifting gears slightly. This comes from the examination of several things that we have seen which we want to change within the reptile community as a whole. There are many books available on various topics of the reptile industry. They all have their respective pros and cons as it were and well we see more cons than pros when it comes to these books. So what better way to correct these than write a book which takes these elements into account and corrects them? Continue reading

PIJAC Calls on Public to Oppose Ohio’s Exotic Animal Ban

25 Mar

Are we really going to allow this folks? Make your voice heard before its too late! PIJAC Calls on Public to Oppose Ohio’s Exotic Animal Ban.