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The Dollars & Sense of Captive Bred Reptiles

5 Nov

Calling out the retailers

Recently, my colleague and I Gary Rolfe of Northampton Reptile Centre were discussing the much-debated topic of captive bred reptiles versus wild caught reptiles. Anyone who’s passionate about reptiles knows the subject. It’s talked about in most circles, whether you’re working with bearded dragons Pogona vitticeps or the West Indian Epicrates that Tom Crutchfield of Tom Crutchfield Reptiles is currently working with, the subject has been broached by someone that you know.

To put this all into perspective Gary and I were discussing the advantages of purchasing a captive bred reptile and I relayed the fact that I had seen some breeders at shows who would put the initials ‘CB’ on the containers when the reptiles were actually wild caught usually signified by ‘WC’. This is a common practice in the reptile industry and most people know this and accept this. However, at one show I saw a breeder using these initials to represent Captive Born reptiles. Now if this particular breeder were asked they would say that yes it was a ‘farmed or captive born animal’ Why not be upfront in the first place. I think Gary put it best when he said, “I call for all retailers to honestly display the origins of their reptiles for sale.” Continue reading


Frogs Rump Shakin – YouTube

30 Sep

Thanks to Jason White of Daily Reptile News for this one! Frogs Rump Shakin – YouTube.

Herpin’ Time Radio Interviews John F Taylor!

28 Sep

Here’s my interview with the guys at Herpin Time Radio on Blog Talk Radio.

Herpin’ Time Radio interviews John F Taylor