The Reptile Living Room Radio Show

Special announcement!  The Reptile Living Room Radio Show has moved to The shows are all at this new site as well as the Emergency Broadcasts with Mark Romansky and Marcia McGuiness talking about the amphibian ban.

Here is where you will find all the episodes of the podcast.  We hope you enjoy our podcasts and look forward to hearing back from you about what you want to hear as we grow within the herpetoculture industry.

Introductory Podcast

Douglas Dix of Deer Fern Farms Interview

Ryan Jarosek Tiki Tiki Reptiles

Dr. Fry Komodo Dragons

Brian Potter of NARBC

Robert Applegate Applegate Reptiles

Brian Barczyk of BHB &

Marcia McGuiness of Golden Gate Geckos

Emergency Radio Broadcast regarding the potential Amphibian Ban!


Interview with an Expert Scott Powley of Powley Exotic Reptiles

Interview with an Expert Mark Romansky Moonstone Dragons


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