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I Don’t do Fluffy

25 Apr

Many people who regularly follow what we do here, and on our sister sites Reptile Living Room & Herpetoculture House eZine, know that we don’t whine and complain about topics which get under our skin. We report, give guidance when asked, and generally try to be a cohesive part of the reptile community at large which includes both herpetoculture and herpetology. Continue reading


USGS Denies Due Process to Reptile Industry | Reuters

19 Apr

The following press release was issued by USARK earlier today. Rather than insert my personal opinion I simply offer this as news and will allow you to form your own opinion.  USGS Denies Due Process to Reptile Industry | Reuters.

Reptiles & Responsibility

1 Mar

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Everyone in herpetoculture thinks about it but no one will ever say it.  So here it is in black & white for everyone to take a real hard look at.  Who is actually responsible when an individual is injured by a reptile?  Before you freak out and begin running up the storm flag, really ask yourself who is responsible and where are the borders in a customer relationship?

Let’s just say you sell someone a reptile that injures someone.  Who does the responsibility fall on?  Is it the keeper/owner or should it be the seller?  I know most of you will say that it’s the owner.  Now then I ask you, was that person educated to the best of your ability?  Was that individual experienced with that particular reptile or something similar?  I can tell you from personal experience that over 50% of retailers whether at shows or local shops cannot answer those questions.  How about you? Continue reading