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A Night in the Anza Borrego

29 May

Back to Basics

I have spent the time after returning from Las Vegas planning one of my own field herping adventures. I visited the Las Vegas Reptile Expo as you may know to cover it for this site. While my son Austin and I were inLas Vegas we had the opportunity to go out and do some field herping with a local and three other guests of the expo. To say it would turn out to be a night to remember is an understatement. For those close to me, they might find it unusual that I would attempt to go into the field in any capacity with more than two people. This is because it’s always been a long standing rule with me that I don’t go herping with more than two people at one time. Most times when herping with ‘large’ groups there are generally issues with who gets the capture not to mention the varying personalities have a tendency to clash. To avoid these potential encounters ‘gone south’ I would normally refuse to attend any field herping adventure that would include more than 3 people. Not just that, but I am a card carrying misanthrope as well. Continue reading


National Geographic Museum Guest Post

6 Nov

In case you missed it our very own John F Taylor is Guest Posting over at www.natgeomuseumblog.org He is doing three separate posts for their Gecko exhibit that’s currently ongoing.  So we are asking our friends who visit us here to jump over there and leave a comment or two about what you think of the posts.  As they become available we let you know here.  The first post for the National Geographic Museum is on Leopard Geckos Eublepharis macualrius.

Avangel Reptiles Interview

24 Oct

Chaz Stewart of Avangel Reptiles and Reptileapartment.com met at the 2010 Pomona Reptile show where we were allowed to take some photographs of his incredible Leopard Geckos Eublepharis macularius. We caught up with him later and got him to chat with us about his projects and how he got into reptiles.

RA: So Chaz how did you get started in the world of reptiles?

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