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The Snakes Have Entered The Building! San Diego Reptile Supershow

11 Jul

It’s early morning; I am standing in a parking structure above the city.  There are colored concrete buildings festooned with their painted advertisements of bygone years surrounding me.  The paint now faded and peeling away, falls silently into the vine like streets of Downtown San Diego California.  There’s a secret below me, it’s a place where serpents and dragons carouse among giant millipedes, Basilisk, and Bird eating spiders.  For some, this place might be a horror show.

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Venom in captivity!

17 Apr

Prescription for Owning Venomous Pet Ownership

In no way am I trying to be a fear monger.  That’s the number one thing I want to get across before even starting this article. I will simply state the facts that I have learned through my personal experience over the past twelve years as a keeper of venomous pets and those who have been gracious enough to share their own experiences with me.

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