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Avangel Reptiles Interview

24 Oct

Chaz Stewart of Avangel Reptiles and Reptileapartment.com met at the 2010 Pomona Reptile show where we were allowed to take some photographs of his incredible Leopard Geckos Eublepharis macularius. We caught up with him later and got him to chat with us about his projects and how he got into reptiles.

RA: So Chaz how did you get started in the world of reptiles?

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Southern California Tarantulas

23 Sep
Aphonopelma genus of Tarantula in the Santa Ro...

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The Aphonopelma genus has 90 described species distributed through North & South America as well as Central America, & Mexico.  For our purposes we are concerned with the two species which occur in San Diego, California.   Continue reading

August & Everything After

27 Jul

I am in no way, a great blogger.  I am, obsessed with the reptile, amphibian, and insect species that either have been, or soon will be kept in captivity.  That being said, I can’t tell you all how much it means to me and the team here at Reptileapartment.com on a personal level, that you have endured and even enjoyed the work we have been doing so far.  I am writing this post today to let you all know that I am not leaving the blogging world.

As a matter of fact, the team and I are educating ourselves further, not only blogging, but WordPress as a whole.  We are doing this in our spare time (which we don’t have) to bring you the very best reptile blog experience possible on the internet today.  In the coming weeks, you will witness some changes within the blog, as we become more adept at the intricacies of the awesome program known as WordPress which powers our blog.  Some of the changes that occur will be smaller ones and others will be larger.

We are doing our very best to implement these changes as seamlessly as possible; hopefully while you, are loyal readers are fast asleep.  We are planning most of the major jumps to happen in the month of August.  This includes the leap to a self hosted site & blog which we are going to integrate together into one cohesive site.  Also, in the month of August, we’re going to sit down with some of the most well known names in the Herpetocultural industry today for interviews.  We are getting a sneak peek as it were, behind the curtain of today’s top breeders and how they achieved their greatness.

While I cannot say specifically, who we are interviewing in August I will give you a hint or two.  First up on the list, is someone who’s appeared in the Breeder’s Choice section of Reptiles Magazine.  The interview after that one is with one of the Herpetocultural industry’s most prolific author of lizard books.  After that, we interview the premier authority on large species.  Last but never to be counted least by any means, we’re literally venturing out to visit the one and only gentleman snake rancher.

With all these changes going on, we will not be posting as often as we did.  So instead of posting on a daily basis, we will shoot for weekly.  Given the inevitably of making mistakes within the coding required to make these moves there may be some delays from time to time.  There will also be some ‘bugs’ that get by us as well I am sure.  So in the scenario that a link or something else doesn’t show up the way it is intended do us a favor and send us an email so we can correct the issue just as soon as possible.  We value our readers above anything else and deeply thank you from the bottom of our scaly hearts for your continued patronage and patience while the changes to the bigger and better us is happening.