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The Toronto Pet Daily: A Guest Article About Frogs By John From Reptile Apartment – I Always Learn Such Interesting Things From John’s Posts!

22 Nov

Kermit the Frog was Wrong! The Toronto Pet Daily: A Guest Article About Frogs By John From Reptile Apartment – I Always Learn Such Interesting Things From John’s Posts!.


Keeping Reptiles in the UK By Tom Williams

1 Nov

Here in the UK, we have 6 beautiful species of native reptiles, all of which are under threat from habitat loss and are protected under law against trapping and killing. This really sets the context for keeping reptiles over here – especially when you compare it to the 2500 native breeds in North America.

My love of reptiles has came from growing up in the Leicestershire countryside and hearing stories of the elusive European adder being spotted on the local country park. The media hyped stories of a poor pet Labrador having to be flown by air ambulance to the nearest hospital holding anti venom. But the sheer lack in numbers of UK native herps probably has had an effect on the hobby from lack of exposure to reptiles and lack of education at a young age. Luckily this is starting to change with lots of great conservation going on and mainstream media reporting in positive light of reptiles.

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Las Vegas Reptile Expo 2010

21 Oct

I awoke slowly when the alarm went off and got dressed in the dark of the early morning a few days ago now.  3:00 AM is not a time I am used to given that I typically work until 11 or 12 the night before.  Hell, even Starbucks isn’t open that freaking early.  I picked up my wife from work and we headed out to our mini-vacation/anniversary/birthday celebration.

At about an hour into the drive my auditory senses were ravaged by what is probably the number one driving song I have ever heard.  Golden Earring’s Radar Love had me pounding the wheel into submission and singing like I was an American Idol throwback.  You know the ones, they couldn’t sing if their life depended on it, but they sang anyway.  Yeah I was that guy.

Thankfully, somewhere in the lucid hours of the drive I got some coffee into me and it perked me up slightly but I was still driving from sheer force of will not to be late.  We had an appointment at 10:00 AM at the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino.  Something which haunted me even before the trip was the fact that Hunter S. Thompson and his lawyer drove along the same freeway many years before.  The drugs didn’t kick in around Barstow, and I didn’t have anyone rambling on about ‘As your attorney I advise you…’

I must admit though I was looking for the bats.  We arrived fashionably late and while we weren’t in the middle of a reptile zoo when we first arrived we caught up with Joe and Tyler the organizers and this is what they had to say about Reptile Shows and Las Vegas…

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