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A Beer with Bob & Friends

26 Nov

This is our slideshow from our interview with Robert Applegate ‘The Gentleman Snake Rancher’. A Beer with Bob and Friends Make sure to catch the podcast that lets you glimpse the life and times of Robert and the adventures he has had.


National Geographic Museum Guest Post

6 Nov

In case you missed it our very own John F Taylor is Guest Posting over at www.natgeomuseumblog.org He is doing three separate posts for their Gecko exhibit that’s currently ongoing.  So we are asking our friends who visit us here to jump over there and leave a comment or two about what you think of the posts.  As they become available we let you know here.  The first post for the National Geographic Museum is on Leopard Geckos Eublepharis macualrius.

Snake gives ‘virgin birth’ to extraordinary babies

3 Nov

Parthenogenesis is normally never seen in snakes, well guess what…it is now!

BBC – Earth News – Snake gives ‘virgin birth’ to extraordinary babies.