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Heathers Herps: SEX! ing -Popping Ball Pythons-

16 Sep

The Ball Python Queen Heather Wong tells us how to properly sex a snake through a tried and true method. Read this great piece now! Heathers Herps: SEX! ing -Popping Ball Pythons-.  After that head over to catch her interview in the Reptile Living Room.


Reptile Legislation Bills Defeated!

23 Dec Boa Constrictor

To say that the reptile community is going to have a very Merry Christmas would be an understatement in our opinion.  The reason for all this celebration is that today we have learned that not only has S373 and the US House companion Bill HR2811 have fallen into defeat through the incredible efforts of the USARK also known as the United States Amphibian & Reptile Keepers Association these two bills were known as the Python Ban.  Had these bills been passed they would have added 47 species of the Python genus to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act. Continue reading

The Snakes Have Entered The Building! San Diego Reptile Supershow

11 Jul

It’s early morning; I am standing in a parking structure above the city.  There are colored concrete buildings festooned with their painted advertisements of bygone years surrounding me.  The paint now faded and peeling away, falls silently into the vine like streets of Downtown San Diego California.  There’s a secret below me, it’s a place where serpents and dragons carouse among giant millipedes, Basilisk, and Bird eating spiders.  For some, this place might be a horror show.

Continue reading