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Published Work

27 Jul

Here I have placed covers of magazines and books which I have published in.  Clicking on the covers will take to the various sites respectively where you may read the sample articles or purchase one if you like.  Unfortunately the only two with samples are the Tegu article and the Russian Tortoise articles.

African Giant Millipede Article
Reptiles Magazine Article
Uromastyx Care Book Published through T.F.H.
Ball Python Article
Poison Frogs
Genus Tupinambis
Cover for my first article

Contact Us!

27 Jul

We know we can’t possibly answer every question for every reader so if there is something that you want to ask or just something that you want to see covered in future posts please drop us a line here. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

The Snakes Have Entered The Building! San Diego Reptile Supershow

11 Jul

It’s early morning; I am standing in a parking structure above the city.  There are colored concrete buildings festooned with their painted advertisements of bygone years surrounding me.  The paint now faded and peeling away, falls silently into the vine like streets of Downtown San Diego California.  There’s a secret below me, it’s a place where serpents and dragons carouse among giant millipedes, Basilisk, and Bird eating spiders.  For some, this place might be a horror show.

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