I Speak Reptile!

Red Diamond Rattlesnake
Red Diamond Rattlesnake

I am known by many names within the County in which I live.  I am known as “the Snake man, the Snake dude, SnakeGuy, and finally my personal favorite, The “Real” Dr. Doolittle.”  My real name is John F Taylor and I am an internationally published captive reptile author with several magazine credits and a book to my credit.  I was raised around animals mostly mammals; it wasn’t until later that I got involved with reptiles, fish, amphibians, and insects much to my mothers happiness.  I tell people who are curious, if it’s got scales or tail(s) chances are I know something about it.

Now then, within this blog you will find in-depth captive reptile care information for captive species of reptile and insect pets as well as some of the more “eclectic” species that I have enjoyed over the years.  There will be a new post each week unless otherwise stated.  That being said, I will be writing from the perspective of living in an apartment.  The reason for this is first of all obvious, I live in an apartment.  Not to mention that most of the customers that I deal with also live in apartment or smaller homes.  According to Research Alert 06/17/05 most reptile owners live in large metropolitan cities where they rent their home, obviously limiting what changes can be made to the residence.

Most captive reptile magazines assume that their readers live in larger-than-average dwellings, which according to research and years of personal experience within the captive reptile industry have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to be totally incorrect.

When reading the popular captive reptile magazine(s) the scenario goes something like this; gracing the pages are reptiles and amphibians that you discover to be completely attainable and their care seems like something you’d be willing to undertake.  Reading further into the article you discover the secrets of breeding and their peculiar behaviors that serve to only increase your interest.  Without a doubt this is a creature that you could take care of without going much out of your way.  In your mind you’ve already designed the environment and written the check for your new pet.  Then you come across a passage which devastates your plans of obtaining this incredible new animal that you have discovered.  All it takes is two words and three numbers to have every hope dashed of owning this new pet: “Enclosure size – 4’ X 4’ X 3’.”

You look up and quickly scan the room then get up and walk to the bedroom, kitchen, and finally as a last resort to the bathroom.  Slumping into a recliner you sigh heavily realizing that you live in an apartment.  Sixteen square feet is bigger than the coffee table and two-chair dinette set combined.  Without much else to do you sit down and curse the writer for his skills of drawing you in with his words only to throw you over a cliff.

I am here to remedy that.  I will cover a lot of ground and some of it may be repetitive but rest assured the information that I am disseminating is based on a decades worth of experience.  As far as captive reptile products go I do not nor will I ever endorse a captive reptile product that I do not use personally and no, I am not being paid or given free captive reptile product by any manufacturer.  So sit back in your favorite chair and take a gander around the pages and throw some comments my way.  In the immortal words of my old man “If you like what I do tell a friend, if you don’t tell me so I can make it right.”  I would highly recommend checking out the General Rules Page as well.


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