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Ricky’s Reptile Enclosures Set-Up & Review

11 Mar

Ricky’s Reptile Enclosures



Avangel Reptiles Interview

24 Oct

Chaz Stewart of Avangel Reptiles and Reptileapartment.com met at the 2010 Pomona Reptile show where we were allowed to take some photographs of his incredible Leopard Geckos Eublepharis macularius. We caught up with him later and got him to chat with us about his projects and how he got into reptiles.

RA: So Chaz how did you get started in the world of reptiles?

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The Skeleton Tarantula Ephebopus murinus more than just a cool name

13 Sep

Ephebopus murinus or the Skeleton Tarantula as it is known popularly is the most unusual tarantula species that I have ever worked with in the industry.  They are not the largest spider I have seen in captivity; that honor still belongs to the Goliath Bird Eater Theraphosa blondi with a leg span the size of a dinner plate.  Skeleton Tarantula’s Ephebopus murinus are about 4 1/2” total leg span in mature males while mature females may get 6”.  So what makes this spider so unusual? Continue reading