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Frogs Rump Shakin – YouTube

30 Sep

Thanks to Jason White of Daily Reptile News for this one! Frogs Rump Shakin – YouTube.


A Night in the Anza Borrego

29 May

Back to Basics

I have spent the time after returning from Las Vegas planning one of my own field herping adventures. I visited the Las Vegas Reptile Expo as you may know to cover it for this site. While my son Austin and I were inLas Vegas we had the opportunity to go out and do some field herping with a local and three other guests of the expo. To say it would turn out to be a night to remember is an understatement. For those close to me, they might find it unusual that I would attempt to go into the field in any capacity with more than two people. This is because it’s always been a long standing rule with me that I don’t go herping with more than two people at one time. Most times when herping with ‘large’ groups there are generally issues with who gets the capture not to mention the varying personalities have a tendency to clash. To avoid these potential encounters ‘gone south’ I would normally refuse to attend any field herping adventure that would include more than 3 people. Not just that, but I am a card carrying misanthrope as well. Continue reading

Vegas Baby…Vegas!

18 May

“They’re gonna give daddy the Rainman suite, you dig that?” That line rolled through my mind as we sped across the desert heading to the Las Vegas Reptile Expo this past weekend. I think at least once I did the whole “Vegas baby! Vegas!” We arrived somewhere around 2 AM and pulled into the parking lot of what we thought was the hotel that our Multi-Media Manager had talked to previously. We were both tired as ever as we had both done our regular eight hours at school and or work. We quickly discovered that the “Rainman suite” was…out of our league.

After another exhaustive two hour search we finally pulled into the Motel 6 and no, Tom Bodett did not leave the light on for us. We checked into a room with no internet access and discovered that we had a roommate as well. We immediately named him Pepe and allowed him to stay in the bathroom. He wasn’t looking so well after all. We suspect that he was the victim of alcohol but we will never know for sure as when we returned from the show later on Saturday Pepe had left the room. We suspected kidnapping but have no grounds to prove anything. By the way did we mention Pepe was a roach?

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