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Essential Field Herping Survival Tip # 4

2 Jul

Children on Herping Outings.  This is a long one.

If you’re thinking of bringing children on herping adventures…Don’t!

Easter Egg hunts are for kids, herping adventures are for adults.  On your trip, if all the noise, running around, complaints about who had the hand held first or who “touched me”, allows you to find anything at all, you may run into medically significant (dangerous) species.  Assume this will be followed by, in no particular order of importance:  I’m tired, I’m cold, I wanna go home, or my favorite, I have to go to the bathroom…AGAIN.   Continue reading


San Diego Reptile Super Show Slide Presentation

25 Jun

Click the link to download and play the show. San Diego Supershow 2011

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