Herpetoculture House

A Mock cover

Herpetoculture House will be an online reptile magazine the likes of which has never been seen by the reptile community before.  You’ve heard the claim of why & what makes this or that product better than their competitor.  You may have even purchased said product based solely on such a claim.  We here at Reptileapartment.com aren’t going to explain why we’re the best, we are going to show you.

We’ve been doing market research on this new venture for the past 8 months.  You may or not have heard about this new project.  The reason behind this is that we developed the idea with some of the biggest names within the herpetoculture industry and we have been gathering intelligence via the web, word of mouth, social networking, and various other means.  The idea has always been there niggling the minds of hundreds if not more; as is always the case when facing a juggernaut there is inherent fear of reprisal, domination, and failure.

We have taken our fears and interpreted them into production of the only online Reptile Magazine available.  There will be imitators we are sure and we are not claiming to be the pioneers of such an endeavor as there may have been those who have done similar things.  There is a simplicity of design though that we took into account at the very outset that these others whether in print or online have not considered.  We will be an eMagazine dedicated to the content not the

Another Mock Cover for Herpetoculture House


We understand the simple principle that states you have to pay the bills.  Therefore in a media rich enterprise such as a magazine you are supposed to sell advertisement space in order to pay the costs of doing business such as printing, authors, editors, etc the list goes on and on.  We decided as have all of the individuals that we spoke with; there are just too many advertisements in the traditional herpetoculture magazines available today.  We are solving that issue in a simple way.

Anyone who writes an article for us will be granted the opportunity to advertise in our magazine.  There will be no other advertisements of any kind.  No one writing for us will get smaller or larger billing in an advertisement space.  We are setting the bar of the new herpetoculture community who hungers for not the next big product but the very best information that they can obtain.  The inaugural issue launches in March of 2011.  Do you want in?  Fill out the Contact Us form below and let’s talk about the details. You can also click here for the new site Herpetoculture House


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