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Venom in the Garden of Eatin’?

29 Sep
Stunning Brown Widow

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When it comes to gardening in Southern California there are a lot of pests that gardeners are concerned with.  These pests & insects consume herbs, fruits, and vegetables which the hardworking gardener is hoping to harvest for their own table.  Most of these are of no real threat to the human species & can be easily dispatched.  They can also be eliminated through the use of pesticides and insecticides commonly sold at most home improvement or hardware stores.

Those of the environmental or eco-friendly persuasion can also discover a number of options such as bran flakes for snails & slugs.  Some companies sell farm raised hunting squads such as the inaccurately named Ladybug Hippodamia sp. which is actually named a Lady Beetle can be released to exterminate aphids.  Nature provides us with other pest and insect predators such as arachnids.  These vary in form like the scorpions and spiders which lie in wait to deal death blows to unsuspecting creatures which haplessly cross their path or fall into their web of doom.  So begins our story of spiders, venom, and gardening.

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Reptiles USA 2011

5 Aug

Heres where to get my latest article on Rosy Boas! Pick up your copy at the local pet store or bookstore.  Reptiles USA 2011.

Reptiles USA 2011

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27 Jul

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