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A Night in the Anza Borrego

29 May

Back to Basics

I have spent the time after returning from Las Vegas planning one of my own field herping adventures. I visited the Las Vegas Reptile Expo as you may know to cover it for this site. While my son Austin and I were inLas Vegas we had the opportunity to go out and do some field herping with a local and three other guests of the expo. To say it would turn out to be a night to remember is an understatement. For those close to me, they might find it unusual that I would attempt to go into the field in any capacity with more than two people. This is because it’s always been a long standing rule with me that I don’t go herping with more than two people at one time. Most times when herping with ‘large’ groups there are generally issues with who gets the capture not to mention the varying personalities have a tendency to clash. To avoid these potential encounters ‘gone south’ I would normally refuse to attend any field herping adventure that would include more than 3 people. Not just that, but I am a card carrying misanthrope as well. Continue reading


Rosy Boa: A Classic Snake

21 May

Rosy boas (Charina spp.), formerly known as Lichanura spp., of the Boidae family have been kept in captivity for many years and have always been one of the best snakes for beginners, due in most part to their docility. This has also proven to be one of their unintentional downfalls, as their docility in the wild has led to their decreased numbers. There are many forms of this classic snake and all are the most calm and easily handled snake that I have ever encountered in my years within the industry. On average Rosy boas Lichanura spp. never attain a total length of four feet and usually are found to be between and average of two to three feet at maximum size. They have been recorded to live in captivity past 20 years of age. Their native range finds them in the American Southwest region and into Baja and Sonora Mexico. In the United States they are found in California and Arizona both in the Colorado Desert and Mojave Desert. There are also populations found within the coastal communities of Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego counties. Rosy Boas Lichanura spp. are found in talus or rock slopes, alluvial fans, boulder piles and in desert sage scrub as well as chaparral habitat areas. Continue reading

Reptiles USA 2011

5 Aug

Heres where to get my latest article on Rosy Boas! Pick up your copy at the local pet store or bookstore.  Reptiles USA 2011.

Reptiles USA 2011